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Our achievements

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logo les victoires du paysage 2016

Winner of
Victoires du Paysages 2016

For the Hanging garden for AXA

Elected for Acteurs
du Paris Durable

By the City of Paris for the outdoor green wall of the EDF Headquarters

Winner of the
A'Design Award 2014

For green design: Baobab in Bamboo for the magazine
l’Ami des Jardins

Winner of
Paris Shop & Design 2016

Obtained by the CCIP for the indoor green wall of the shop
L’Antenne de la Réunion

Jardins de Babylone is a landscape architecture company that specialises in green wall since 2004. We are your first port of call for all questions concerning planting in and around buildings.

We are renowned for our ability to innovate and propose the right solutions for developers and architects of green architecture.

We have the necessary experience of all types of project: green walls, gardens and terraces, green design.

Working in close collaboration with specialist metalworkers, engineers and joiners, we are capable of proposing out-of-the-ordinary solutions for your project such as the hanging garden.

Green wall procedure guaranteed for 10 years

We have patented a system which can be applied on the indoor or outdoor of any building.

Our creativity and extensive range of projects have been recognized with awards such as the A’Design Awards in 2014, Les Acteurs du Paris Durable in 2015, Paris Shop and Design in 2016 and the Victoires du Paysage in 2016 as well as 2017.

Our role and aim is to:




From sketch design to finished project, Amaury Gallon and his team of landscape designers and horticultural engineers will accompany you on the journey. Jardins de Babylone is on hand to listen and advise as to the best solution to meet your expectations. Creativity, diligence, high standards and know-how are the key words of our success. We have a sound grasp of all the technologies related to green wall systems and are able to carry out an audit of any existing green wall.



Jardins de Babylone offers a wide range of services in order to obtain the best satisfaction for their clients. Beyond the creative aspect of this company is a true ecological commitment and citizens. Trust us and we can be creative together!



A great name in green design, Jardins de Babylone has for motto “The haute couture of the nature”. The creations of Jardins de Babylone are now present in France and on the international length, within public locations or even prestigious and private places.

Développement international

International development

With their expertise, Amaury Gallon and his team have expanded internationally. Present on four continents, they travel all over the world. Jardins de Babylone has not finished making you dream!



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A french founder of Jardins de Babylone, he is recognised as a true reference for green architecture for 13 years now. Pioneer in the integration of design in the subject of plants, Amaury Gallon transports you to a universe with a mix of the artistic with aesthetics.

In fact, he responds to the extravagances of the wealthy fortunes of the whole world, as well as to companies anxious to bring freshness, aesthetics and well-being to their establishments.

He will give life back to your spaces and will sublimate your indoor and outdoor projects.

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