Green wall column

Green Wall Column Construction using Jardins de Babylone’s Technology

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Installation of green wall column

Installation of green wall columnJardins de Babylone installed a new green wall column in the Nový Smíchov shopping centre in Prague. For Amaury Gallon and his team, it is a very interesting project because we don’t usually see a green wall column every where.
When installing a green wall, specially indoor, it is necessary to have the evacuation of water for the security and for maintenance purpose. Jardins de Babylone’s green wall technology consist of automated water filling system and sensor. Hence, Gallon and his team put the tank, pump and controller under the existing floor of the shopping centre. After setting up the tank, Gallon and his team build the cylindrical metal structure support. One of the main feature of Jardins de Babylone’s indoor green wall is its lightness, thus making the support of these green wall column less in metal and smaller in diameter.

This type of project included different designs and numerous features:

  • Three green wall columns 16 m high and 1 m wide.
  • Decorative plant pots placed along the row of green wall columns.
  • Over 1,700 plants per column and more than 5,000 plants in total spread over the three columns in the shopping centre.
  • An automated water filling system which is controlled remotely by Jardins de Babylone.

Planting around the green wall column

An example of a green wall construction by Jardins de Babylone, using a patented hydrophilic fabric as a substrate for the plants. This innovation requires no soil, thus the total load of the structure is just 12 kg per square metre. When planting a green wall, it is important to use young plants. But why not use fully developed adult plants? It is for the simple reason that plants need to find their place within the green wall. When they are young, their roots and leaves can develop and spread. You will also reduce parasites and the need for maintenance. Generally, Jardins de Babylone uses a tropical foliage plants in their green wall. The normal density is 25 plants per square meter but can vary to the species and their sizes. As a designer himself, Amaury Gallon uses different varieties of plants in the green wall to create a painting like result in his green wall designs.

New bubbles of well-being

New bubbles of well-beingCities are a major source of pollution and we’re witnessing changes such as the phenomenon of urban heat islands (UHIs). For the vast majority of French people, going to a shopping centre is synonymous with restriction. Deemed noisy and stressful, these public spaces are often associated with crowds and oppression. So they feel like there aren’t enough green spaces in shopping centres.

Introducing nature would improve the image of shopping centres. Moreover, most people would associate plant areas in public spaces with well-being, oxygen and rest. Plants could also help to reduce the temperature of shopping centres and car parks.

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