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The LEED certification, building green and sustainable development

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Sustainable construction is at the heart of our western society. The sector’s issues have been transformed in recent years. Any construction or renovation must attempt to ensure the best quality of life to its occupants, while controlling its impact on the environment. LEED is one of the certificates is the guarantor of the energy performance of a building.

Think, measure to build intelligent with LEED

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The ecology is at the center of many of our concerns. Power supply, daily life, cosmetics but also and especially construction. Build a building with ecological materials, which will consume little power and which will have a long life, with the least possible maintenance is the spearhead of the majority of the builders of today. It is mainly the heart of the concerns of manufacturers who erect dwellings and ecological sound certified by the LEED system. To ensure that the buildings are thoughts, organized and especially verified by organizations labelled, several systems of certification have seen the light of day in recent years.

LEED, what it is exactly?

The Acronym L.E.E.D. is the abbreviation for the English wording “Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design“.
Developed by the U.S. Green Building Council and launched in 1998, in particular on the basis of the evaluation system BREEAM, LEED is a ecological certification for buildings newly built or renovated. It is based on a scoring system composed of more than a hundred points, themselves grouped under eight broad themes:

1. Innovation and design process (CPI) for11 points
2. Location and connection (EL) for 10 points
3. Ecological Development Sites (SSA) for 22 points
4. Effective management of the water (EGE) for 15 points
5. Energy and Atmosphere (AE) for 38 points
6. Materials and Resources (MR) for 16 points
7. Quality of indoor environments (QEI) for 21 points
8. Awareness raising and training (SF) for 3 points

The LEED requirements, to build better and sustainably

Materials used, provenance, duration of life, thermal performance, energy consumption, indoor air quality, environmental impact, thermal comfort… It combed the building using the methods of construction or renovation.

A minimum of 136 points is necessary for the obtaining of the LEED certification. Among the requirements of the certification program, 1 9 mandatory measures and audits very sharp for each category of evaluation. In fact, the more the building assessed accumulates points, the more the project may exceed the level “certified” to obtain a kind of reference: “money”, “or” or “platinum”.

Introduce and preserve plants, first requirement of LEED

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As many certifications, LEED gives a wide importance to the use of materials and natural elements. Green walls, green roofs, development of external, everywhere where there are of the plants found potential points earned for the obtaining of the LEED certification.
For example, the basic measurement specified in the condition QEI 2.2 imposes to install a device to control the carbon monoxide to each floor. Therefore, the plant walls interiors can have a significant impact on these future measures of the quality of the air.

In the same way, the condition named “AES 2.1” requires to develop his land without any plant or invasive species. A way to ensure that no binding maintenance will be necessary, inducing of working time but also the probable use of chemicals.

The following list are examples of many categories of the certification:

  1. Permeability of the soil
  2. Effective management of the water
  3. Management of the waters in the roof
  4. Reduction of Urban Heat Island (UHI)
  5. Permanent measures against erotion
  6. Isolation
  7. Revegetation of a building

Bind the LEED certification with the plant design, inside as well as outside, is to get the assurance of a building to the thermal performance of importance to the ecological footprint weak but also to the image green clearly and committed.

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