Amaury Gallon

Amaury Gallon, the green signature of haute couture

Amaury Gallon

Introduction Sous titre
Amaury Gallon en Moebius

After his studies in a prestigious green school and passionate about the history of the living, the company took its name from the mythical hanging gardens of babylone.

Founder of Jardins de Babylone

In 2004, Amaury Gallon installed the first workshop of Jardins de Babylone in Montreuil and then chose the 2nd arrondissement to open the doors of its Parisian showroom « La galerie Verte ».

The great couturier of nature

From the subtle choice of materials and plants to the tailor-made design, Amaury Gallon opens the doors to the haute couture of nature.

Amaury Gallon en Mur Étagère

Amaury Gallon : creator of green design and green walls

Driven by the need and the desire to create, Amaury Gallon embarks on the innovation of green walls. Thus he develops a technique resulting from recycling and deposits the patent on the waterproofing of his green wall. Like plants, it abounds … with ideas!

Exploring the boundaries of the world of botany, technical innovation and design, his achievements are veritable works of art that bear eco-responsible and environmental values.

Amaury Gallon committed creativity

Committed creativity

From the creation of green walls or his projects of urban vegetation, Amaury Gallon works with town halls, schools, private and public organisations and personalities, to develop his ideas and share his views on the re-vegetalisation of the agglomerations.

To go even further, he has committed to the Yann Arthus Bertrand Foundation whose project consists of purchasing the ancestral lands of the Kogi communities and give them back in order to promote the regeneration of forest ecosystems and local biodiversity from their traditional know-how.