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Galerie verte vue extérieure Les Jardins de Babylone

The Galerie Verte: 100% vegetal

Jardins de Babylone welcomes you to its showroom ‘the green gallery’, the first place of its kind in Paris to be dedicated entirely to the world of plants.

Please feel free to pay us a visit at 6 rue des Jeûneurs in the 2nd arrondissement. Here you will discover green walls for the interior, a green wall partitioning system using preserved plants, as well as other creative installations showcasing the many possibilities of green design.

The meeting space

In the heart of the architect’s district

Sous titre
Showroom La galerie verte

The ‘Galerie Verte’ showroom is situated in the centre of the French capital in a district undergoing complete transformation. The Sentier district, as it is known, was once an important hub of the cloth trade, and in recent years many designers and architects have set up office here.

The Baobab - The gallery centrepiece designed by Amaury Gallon

A versatile space in the shade of the Baobab

Sous titre
Baobab Showroom et Fleurs

Le baobab

The signature piece designed by Amaury Gallon and close to the hearts of Jardins de Babylone, is the centrepiece of the Galerie Verte. The symbolic African Baobab is a giant of nature. In Africa, known for its immensely diversified forests, there can still be seen the traces of vast baobab colonies.

It has been reinterpreted here using nearly 4500 bamboo tubes evoking at one and the same time the ‘forest spirit’, the ‘magical tree’, the ‘tree of life’ and the ‘medicinal tree’. The entirely self-supporting structure is composed of demountable sections for easy transportation, and can be decorated with either natural

Between walls of nature

At the Galerie Verte, the green design showroom, other design pieces are arranged around the Baobab. Sous titre
Le mur végétal Moebius Showroom Les Jardins de Babylone

The Moebius green wall

This attractive and colourful installation inspired by the work of the artist Moebius is a symbiosis of plant and steel.

An intermingling of colours and shapes, organic and man-made fuse to become one. The use of a large range of slow-growing interior plants make this an attractive piece combining leaf forms and colours.

Le tableau végétal Papillon showroom les Jardins de Babylone

The Butterfly artwork

Taking inspiration from the annual migration of the Mexican Monarch butterfly, Jardins de Babylone imagined a variation on the same theme, yet of a wholly unique nature: a green wall in the form of a framed composition of multi-coloured butterflies.

The butterflies group together at one side of the frame to form a contemporary ‘painting’, then disperse as if in search of others of their species further afield. Black laser-cut metal panel ensures a clean design with concealed LED lighting.

Le mur végétalisé à étagères mobiles et bancs intégrés en peuplier

The green wall with wooden moving shelves and seating

Adding a touch of modernity to the green wall, this design is more than purely aesthetic.

The curving shelves are formed from poplar, a wood known for its resistance to termites and used in loft construction, and are incised with the logo of Jardins de Babylone – Ravenala Madagascariensis otherwise known as the Traveller’s Palm. Allying function and aesthetics, it can be either an exhibition space using the shelves for display, or a chill out area to sit and take a coffee break.

La bibliothèque végétalisée

The green library

At the back of the Galerie Verte behind the imposing Baobab, the Green Library forms a composition in poplar wood of asymmetric openings of varying shapes and sizes.

Some of the openings are planted and others are left empty for transparency. The resulting mosaic can be decorated by any means and the choice of plants is without limit. We have chosen to display different types of lichen.

Les Mini-Jardins showroom Les Jardins de Babylone


On display in the window are two versions of the mini-garden.

Leaf-shaped planters (Tilia Americana and liquidambar styracilua) moulded in resin can be suspended, mounted on a table or on adjustable legs. They can contain either dry climate or humid climate plants.

Les cabinet d’Alice Showroom Les Jardins de Babylone

The Alice cabinet

Even the restroom of the Galerie Verte has not escaped the creative attention of Jardins de Babylone. The Alice Cabin, as it has been named, is inspired by the imaginary universe of Tim Burton, although it is also reminiscent of that of Alice in Wonderland.

Jardins de Babylone wanted to create a feeling of surprise and wonder on entering a space overflowing with exuberant and luxuriant vegetation.