perspective side view
Hanging garden perspective top view
hanging garden in paris
hanging garden zoomed in view
cable plants and pot plant
front view with details of tank and plants
perspective view of hanging garden
cables and tank details with plants
plant details

Hanging garden : a unique and tailor-made spider web shaped project

Sous titre

A plant project opposite the Elysée Palace

Jardins de Babylone created a unique design: a hanging garden in a form of a spider web. An architect firm Archibuild and a landscape architect Cathy Vivies visualized the concept.

This extremely impressive structure located between rue Aguesseau and rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré, constitutes:

The incredible challenge of Jardins de Babylone

The technical challenge was to create a hanging garden held up solely by a cable system at the far ends of the building. We constructed a metal structure from floorboard to floorboard inside the building. This is to reinforce the stab and thus, enable such a technical feat. For example, the 11-tonne point-by-point traction positioned on the least supportive points.

At the same time, weight was one of the major problems. So, we worked on a very light substrate of 500 kg/m3; by comparison, the weight of compost was around 1.5 tons/m3. Finally, an automatic watering solution enabled us to control water and nutrient supplies throughout the year. Altogether, we fulfilled the major objectives of this project. Indeed, the Jardins de Babylone team planted in the unsightly courtyard. Surely with an authentic design and a contribution to biodiversity.

They lowered the celestial archway that’s located in the inner courtyard of this office building. In addition, the plant supports are alveolar in design. To be able to accommodate the taut and suspended features, the built structures are like weaving between the facades. The transparency of the different levels encourages the eye to get lost by focusing close up and far away, thus sharing the same visual appeal. The substrate used makes it easy to manage water as it requires little watering. It retains water very well and it comes from recycled plastic water bottles.

Mixed constructions, innovative techniques and graphic plantations were thus combined to really enlighten and stimulate observers with these coloured, dense and structural techniques. The garden is visible from each floor, making all employees feel comfortable and happy.


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