arbre de vie baobab

Tree of Life: the majestic bamboo baobab

Sous titre

A real living exhibit!

Jardins de Babylone produced an unexpected design at the 10th ‘Jardins Jardin’ exhibition in Tuileries Garden. Amaury Gallon exhibited a “bamboo tree,” the tree of life or the baobab, the bearer of meaning. It was placed in the centre of a charming exotic garden and was one of the most successful works at the exhibition.

It had a number of features:

Plant design awarded at A’ Design Award and Competition

This bamboo baobab represents a whole African symbolism: “spirit of the forest,,” “magic tree,” “tree of life,” “and a medicinal tree”. The baobab is deeply significant, as a sacred tree, and never gets cut down by Africans who see it as a source of help both practically (in terms of medicine, fruit consumption and water storage) and ideologically.

This original piece represents the spirit of the forest in the heart of nature in and around the Amazon. Jardins de Babylone imagined an unexpected and astonishing space around the bamboo. It’s a garden designed to act as a natural oasis in an environment with a high urban density. Constrained by concrete, pollution and the incessant noise of the city, it was essential to create a place of tranquillity and wonder. Who hasn’t dreamed of a haven of peace after a tiring day!

If used for a particular event, indoor and also outdoor plants as well as adorning flower petals can likewise be placed inside the bamboo sections.

This plant-based design created by Jardins de Babylone is used in many top-of-the-range decoration projects, as well as in luxury decoration in hotels, special events staging and shopping centres etc.


Jardins de Babylone