preserved plants inside Alice cabinet
Nespresso door with Ivy plant
Zoom detail of Nespresso door
Nespresso door inside Jardins de Babylone showroom

Artificial green wall : The universe of Tim Burton enchants the showroom

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An absolute marvel!

Inspired by the universe from the film Alice in Wonderland by Tim Burton, this artificial green wall created using an artificial and preserved flowers. We wanted to create an effect of wonder and total amazement in a place that is often by definition cramped.

When you approach the plants of this artificial green wall, they seem to leave this room through the walls. And in front of you, is a colourful door covered with Nespresso capsules, but where are you?

This door – which is strange to say the least – opens in this space where the exuberant plants take centre stage. But it’s also eccentric with flashy colours straight out of a dream or your imagination.

The plants seem to be in motion as they move towards the ceiling. You may have opened Pandora’s box, where “mother nature” can ultimately cover the concrete.

Plant Composition: the artificial green wall in our toilet!

In fact, the procedure for drying plants is to inject them with glycerine. The pores are clogged so the glycerine enters the sap and the plant becomes waterproof. They become fossilised and can be preserved for ten years. Follow this tip and you can grow plants in areas without any constraints like water or light.

To discover a little more the universe of the stabilisation of the plants, you can go to the page dedicated to preserved plants on this link.


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