outdoor plant wall for lacoste in saint barthelemy
Lacoste Saint-Barthélemy Espace vert

Outdoor plant wall : Lacoste brand in Saint-Barthélemy

Sous titre

A touch of nature in the West Indies

A franchise of Jardins de Babylone based in Saint-Barthélemy created an outdoor “green space” for Lacoste.

This small green space, located on part of the company storefront, was made up of several features:

A plant-covered green space: nature’s assault on the urban environment

Reintroducing plants into an urban environment through an innovative process and enjoying the benefits of the plants in our environment: such is the task that Jardins de Babylone set itself. The question we can still ask ourselves is: “Does planting make it possible to reduce urban heat islands (UHIs) and atmospheric pollution?”

With the expansion of urban environments, the increase in artificial surfaces to the detriment of natural surfaces often affects the quality of the  environment. Examples include UHIs, atmospheric pollution and noise to name but a few. When technically feasible, planting on roofs and façades can be considered as a solution to  urban sustainable development in.