Our services around the plants

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Jardins de Babylone offers its various services around the plant

Amaury Gallon and his team design your plant walls and also provide their maintenance and upkeep services as well as for the planning and design of open spaces. In addition, they encourage you to be creative through the plant based design.

Sous titre
Mur végétal

The Jardins de Babylone house accompanies you throughout your floral or green wall projects, both at home and in your company, indoors, outdoors and also for stabilised plants.

Walls that assemble nature, beauty, life and ecology.

For more information, please visit our green wall page.

Design végétal

Nature is beautiful and overflows with riches and is sublimated thanks to the plant architecture through objects, structures or entirely green creations.

Walls, ceilings, exhibition rooms, everything can be enhanced, naturally.

For more information, please visit our green design page.

Conception végétalisée

Actualize the project you have always dreamed of: patio gardens, vegetable gardens above ground or the plant scenography of an area, we will accompany you in all your steps, from the sketches to the production.

For more information, please visit our plant design page.

Jardin et Terrasse

The Jardins de Babylone team is available for your own nature, because designing outdoor spaces is our job.

Our mission is to make them beautiful, pleasant to live with and suitable for developing biodiversity.

We can rise to all your challenges, from small patios to the largest parks.

For more information, please visit our garden and terrace page.

Audit végétal

One of our services also allows us to give a new technical look at the projects that have not been produced by Jardins de Babylone. From year to year, and due to the techniques and materials chosen, some walls require, through a review, our recommendations.

For more information, please visit our plant assessment page.

Contrat d’entretien

The company is particularly called upon to carry out the maintenance and the upkeep of the plant walls, terraces or gardens.

An ecological and totally customised service is proposed according to the specification of each project. For more information, please consult our maintenance contract page.