jardin et terrasse montreuil chaise

Garden and Terrace build by Jardins de Babylone

Through the choice of the plants, their layout, their orientations, the decoration and the design, our talents and experience allow us to define precisely what you wish for and how best to achieve it, always taking care to respect the urban biodiversity.

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Jardins de Babylone: the landscaper of your desires!

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Made up of a team of landscapers for more than 12 years, Jardins de Babylone develops a vision of modern landscape design through the use of a structuring element, for example, the hanging garden produced in the form of a mesh cable suspending the aluminium flower boxes.

In the heart of the big cities, it is necessary that our gardens and terraces are places that are welcoming, convivial and especially correctly laid out therefore intelligently vegetated! Places where we can rest with pleasure to recharge our batteries. For Jardins de Babylone, a true terrace and garden layout allows you to create real corners of paradise not only by beautifying your landscaping but especially by maintaining them correctly.

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Landscaping your garden

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Our feeling is that a garden should be landscaped according to the specific criteria of the area:

  • The nature of the soil
  • The exposure of your garden
  • The existing flora and fauna

Our aim is to produce a landscaping analysis according to all these elements and your desires. The most telling example was for a project where our client wanted to have minimum maintenance. We applied the principle of the garden in movement, when you observe a space left free to nature, the native species develops and prospers.

jardin montreuil romantique ambiance

As the name suggests, the moving garden moves. What is more beautiful than to observe year after year the different species (gaura, valerian, verbena bonariensis,Silene coronaria …) reseed, without any physical barrier, nor important maintenance to maintain the forms, the opposite to a French symmetrical garden  which requires the sustained maintenance of a landscape gardener. This idea allows us to decrease maintenance while observing a certain increase in biodiversity. It was awesome to see the reaction of city dwellers in view of this unexpected garden, the people from Montreuil and the Parisians could not imagine covering such a space like the metro Croix de Chavaux and yet it could. The lady of the house organises many barbecues on the weekend and each time it was with the same wonder … The countryside has come to Paris!

There is nothing more magical than sharing a good time with friends or family outside in the middle of nature in the city centre.

jardin montreuil le chemin

The choice of materials

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Keeping with the choice of reducing maintenance of the living space is made up of a large terrace in thermo-heated wood raised like a platform.

This terrace in thermo-heated ash wood has the advantage that it does not dilate, the wood remains stable over time because it prevents the penetration of water.

The principle is to heat the wood to more than 215 degrees and to spray with water vapour, there is no addition of chemicals.

Thanks to this process local woods can be used such as oak, pine or ash wood…. In this space the turf is replaced by recycled slate offcuts giving a certain singularity to the garden.