Design végétal, quand la nature se redessine 

Green design and architecture, when nature is redesign

“Green design”, the expression may surprise or be misunderstood! It is not a matter of redrawing plants but of drawing our world with them.

While we talk a lot about interior architecture, design, home staging or lifestyle in the heart of our homes, the idea of proceeding in the same way for our gardens and parks, has for a few years now made a timid entry into our mentalities.

Focus on the concept of plant design, which has been understood and applied for generations in Asia is only beginning in Europe.

Design végétal, c’est-à-dire ?

Green design, what does this mean?

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The plant concept and design is a cross between a plant and an object, architecture and botany, natural and manufactured.

It is more than a simple decoration using plants, it is a real reflection on the nature of the object or the place to invest and then the development of it.

De l’inspiration à la création

From inspiration to creation

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Jardins de Babylone offers all sorts of original tailor-made plant creations: objects, plant-covered walls or ceilings, plant scenography of an entire area, terraces or gardens.

The plant designer Amaury Gallon works only on forms already present in nature, organic forms, cells, branches, foliage…

Behind this decorative process and through the development of the plant, the idea that nature gives everything, is everything, and should always be considered as generous and therefore it is essential that it is carefully looked after.

l’ordre et la beauté de la nature prédomine

The order and beauty of nature predominates

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There are hundreds of plants that are themselves symbols of an incredible plant design.

Two examples that we often use in our creations: the tillandsias and the ceropegia. The first are epiphytic plants, that is, they grow without soil and therefore without crop support.

  • The ceropegia has more than 200 species of plants which all offer an incredible diversity of forms and therefore designs.
  • For example, the ceropegia woodii is a thin, bulbous hanging plant with heart-shaped leaves, the trails evoke a piece of jewellery.
  • The fusca ceropegia is very rare in France and is one of the favourite plants of the plant designer Amaury Gallon. It is characterized by a form of tubes, some will be related to coral, others to a plant coming from elsewhere.
Les objets végétalisés

Plant objects

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Amaury Gallon, plant designer and founder of Jardins de Babylone, gave a second life to many everyday objects by redesigning them and, above all, by planting them. His flagship project was the plant ceiling light. A ceiling light made entirely of plants, inspired by the perfectly round shape of a drop of water.

Extending this approach to other objects of everyday life, he wished to create resin containers from which he could vary the colours and shapes in order to make this object practical, an object integrated in his works.

These small hanging gardens must be used as suspensions, on the same level or at table height. Made in two different sizes, similar in appearance to ribbed leaves, simply oblong or specific to a maple leaf.

Notre vision et nos projets

Our vision and our projects

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Our vision is to always put our creativity at the disposal of the public as well as the private utility

Thus Amaury Gallon and the members of Jardins de Babylone create concepts and build structures incorporated in the most private as well as the most shared spheres!

Design végétal : inspiration jardin

A garden of inspiration

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Jardins de Babylone’s mission is to bring plant design to the very heart of our gardens. Plant structures are finally seeing the light, and are perfectly and naturally being integrated.

To illustrate this concept; it was from the majestic image of the Baobab and the natural bamboo material, that Amaury Gallon created a unique and imposing structure that enthroned the middle of his garden for a long time. Mossy and stony, it was a focal point in his outdoor space. A delicate work composed of more than 4400 pieces of bamboo which are rounded and recall the bonhomie of the baobab. The cavities of this creation were sometimes flowered and or vegetated by moss.

For further explanations and project images go directly to the page “the plant-covered baobab”

Design végétal et scénographie

Plant conception, design and scenography

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The plant based design can be the basis of the scenography of an event or the common theme of an interior decoration project. You will be able to discover in our showroom examples of what we can do for you.

More than an object or a decoration, we can create an entire universe as we did with our tree for the musée en herbe consisting of tillandsias, plant bowls and the epiphytic cacti … The scenography led to surprise and amazement.

Les atouts de la végétalisation urbaine

The advantages of urban vegetation

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Vegetation in the urban environment can be as beautiful as it is useful. It concentrates the powers of nature in the heart of the city by presenting the practical benefits.

For example, for agricultural purposes, one of our projects was to transform an Asian scaffolding into an urban vegetable garden. Here the design was for the town, and it was turned into food.

For this production, the pierced bamboo facilitated the incorporation of vegetable plants in the cavities, and an irrigation and a recycling system of water made it possible for the system to be totally autonomous like a real urban farm.

Discover the pictures of our creation “vegetable garden in bamboo”