Plant design

Plant design : you imagine, we design

The way we design our green walls, terraces and vegetable gardens and carry out our plant design is the result of lengthy upstream work carried out by a team of professionals. It’s also based on years of experience and ever closer relations with our clients.

Amaury Gallon, the founder of Jardins de Babylone, supports his clients from design to production by means of sketches, reviews and improvements.

Plant conception and design: nature to be satisfied

To ensure that our plant-based designs meet your expectations, a highly qualified team will answer all your questions or design requests. We provide personalised follow-up. Attention and advice are the watch words for Jardins de Babylone. Who does Jardins de Babylone design for?

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Pour les particuliers icon

For private individuals

We can design with you a green wall projects, indoor or outdoor, gardens and terraces and even consider a creation from already existing vegetation.

Every project is carried out in partnership with our customers so that they will know all the data of the plant design and so he can participate in it at the most.

Our project for each client is unique. It is necessary that we perfectly identify each request in order to create a project which will entirely satisfy its future owner.

Pour les entreprises icon

For the enterprises

Our quality requirements for the professionals are the same as for the private individuals.

If you are responsible for a hotel, a restaurant, bar, for a small company or for a multinational, together, we can create a project that will bring the plant into the heart of your professional life.

The works led by our engineering consulting firm will protect you from reasoned, modern, sustainable and intelligent plant designs.

Pour les architectes et paysagistes icon

For architects and landscape designer

Do you have a vertical garden project, plant cladding or green architecture and you need a partner to carry it out?

We can intervene upstream of the projects and study the feasibility, collaborate on execution plans. Our experience and our network of highly qualified partners are so many assets on which you can count on.

Pour les designers icon

For the designers

You want to work on a project linking matter to the plant and or the plant to the object?

We are the right partner for you. We are able to carry out execution plans, watering techniques, lighting plans, plantations and prototypes. We have the knowledge and technique to materialize your project.

To inspire you do not hesitate to navigate in depth on our site.

Au cœur de la conception végétale

At the heart of the plant design

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The Jardins de Babylone house has its own design office, which makes it possible to meet the demands of unconventional projects or projects with high technological value. The plant design is not improvised, each project that we produce must respond perfectly to dozens of crossed data: temperature, weight, colours, light, watering, and moisture.

This information, if poorly evaluated, could jeopardise the durability of our productions, hence the need for an in-depth study by our design office.

Our design office becomes involved, for example, in the conception and design of the green walls, reviews of plant walls, the conception of a plant design, or designing very elaborate gardens or terraces.

Conception végétale : une étude pour chaque projet 

Plant conception and design: each project is studied

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The review of a plant wall

The extent of the study, and therefore its price, depends on the size of the wall, the technology used and the accessibility to the site. Prices are very variable. It is therefore important to note what the review is based on:

  • Metal structure calculation note
  • The plan for the resizing of the framework
  • A study of the irrigation system
  • A study of the plant palette
  • A study of the substrate
  • A study of the plant-health condition of the plants

For more information, go directly to our page on plant assessment

Étude en design végétal

A study on a plant based design

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For the creation of a plant based design we operate like architects with an hourly engagement contract.

The price is variable all depending on the duration of the study and project

Étude jardins/terrasse/murs végétalisés

Study of gardens/terraces/green walls

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You can make a request uniquely for a study.

This will include:

  • A mock-up/inspiration board
  • A sketch of the project/photomontage
  • A plant board
  • An AutoCAD ground plan for gardens/terraces
  • Realisation in 3d on Rhinoceros
  • Technical drawings of the green walls (irrigation system, lighting, metal framework).